PoS Management in Odoo 16

An Excellent Opportunity to Meet Odoo Experts

Join us to learn about Odoo – a comprehensive suite of business applications.

Mir Info System Limited – a proud partner of Odoo – plans to organize a webinar every Wednesday, aiming for a greater understanding of Odoo among businesses of different verticals.

Register and book your spot for free. We encourage you to propose topics you’re interested in, and you can place your queries if you have any. We’ll be happy to discuss the subjects enquired by the registrants.

The hour-long webinar includes:

  • A brief introduction to PoS Module in Odoo 16
  • How to manage multiple stores using Odoo
  • Topics requested by the registrants
  • A Q/A session via Live Chat, and more!


Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn how to take your business to the next level.
Sumiya Keya


Sumiya Keya

Business Analyst

Sumiya is an Odoo Expert with years of experience in implementing Odoo for businesses of different verticals.

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